Top 5 things I miss about home

Okay so to balance the scales out, I thought I’d let you know what I miss about home since people here ask me this all the time. Let’s make this about Canada, and not just Toronto, as I don’t really feel that Toronto is home anymore and I’m not sure we will live there again in the near future. I definitely still know Canada is home though…so here we go!

It's me, not you Toronto.

It’s me, not you Toronto.

1. Friends and Family

Although we are scattered across the globe, I miss picking up the phone when my sister would call from our front door, just popping up to say hi, or renting a car and heading up to hang out at my parents or inlaws woodsy cottages for a long weekend. Getting together with friends for dinner in a swanky Toronto restaurant, grumbling about the posers and ordering another bottle of wine just to ease the hectic week away. I miss being invited to parties and getting excited about dressing up for them and dancing the night away. It gets harder to make friends as you get older and you could never replace my good friends and family! I miss you guys!

2. The food

The first thing that comes to mind is ketchup. They call it tomato sauce here and it’s not the same! I also miss ordering a large cheese pizza from Pizza Nova for $11. There are no pizza delivery places here (or food delivery of any kind) so I miss it in those ultimately lazy moments. And there is no way you could find a pizza here for $11! I haven’t eaten a falafel in over half a year and I can’t find an avocado that isn’t rock hard on this island to save my life!

3. Internet speed and cost

Oh man, I remember signing up for my last iPhone plan in Toronto where I opted for 6GB a month and it was under $40! That sounds like heaven now! We are now high rollers with a 6GB a plan a month at home. And the speed….leaves a lot to be desired! No more youtube, movie downloading or celebrity gossip chewing up megs for me (well only on special youtube necessity occasions)!

4. Employee Rights in the Workplace

I’ve seen and heard of some very shoddy treatment of employees here on the Rock that have shocked and disappointed me. From extremely low wages (barely liveable in my opinion), to long hours without breaks, being fired and forced to sign a ‘resignation letter’, the list goes on. I know it happens everywhere, but I feel there is a general lack of awareness of workers rights and a manipulation by those in power and for this reason I may just have to start a union here! Fight the power!

5. Hockey

Gotcha! I’m definitely not missing hockey, but my stepdad Archie did send me this cool picture which did have me feeling a little nostalgic about the True North, Strong and Free:


Pure Canadian Awesomeness


One thought on “Top 5 things I miss about home

  1. I miss you guys too! It was such a treat to live so close, and now we’re on opposite sides of the world! Can almost completely relate to this article – except in Istanbul I’ve been eating a steady dose of the most light, crispy yet soft, flavourful falafel from a Syrian restaurant. Wish I could vacuum pack & mail you some! Love you both xoxoxo

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