Blackrock Bathers

We had an absolutely gorgeous long weekend here on Raro, with Monday being Gospel Day. The Cook Islands is a Christian nation, and this day serves to celebrate the arrival of Christianity to the islands.

Heading out on the motorbike, and picking up two nu (freshly chilled young coconut water) on the way, we landed Saturday at Blackrock, an outcropping of black lava rock on a stretch of beautiful white coral sand beach in Nikao, or the Puaikura district. We could see tiny Air Rarotonga planes coming to and fro across the sky from the outer islands and took the opportunity to climb up the rocks and stretch out – getting a blackrock heated massage while sunbathing!

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4 thoughts on “Blackrock Bathers

    • I was all photo shooting and noticed the little head back there…haha! That little enclave between the shore and the rock at high tide is amazing – clear water, tiny little fish and protected from any breeze!

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