Island Night

Going to an Island Night is on the top ten list of things to do as a tourist here on Rarotonga. Island Nights are usually held at resorts, where traditional Polynesian food is served buffet-style followed by a show of traditional dancing in island costumes with live drumming and ukulele’s.

To my delight, my husband’s coworker invited me to Muri Beach Club Hotel’s Island Night, as she is doing a story for the paper on it and of course I couldn’t refuse! Not only is it on my list of ‘must do’s’ on the island, a night of being fed and entertained is right up my alley! Plus, it will be good for me in terms of recommendations to the guests at my workplace.

We started the night off with a glass of crisp Sauvignon Blanc, and listened while the master chef explained the dishes. Not only were we in for some Cook Island cuisine, but she had incorporated dishes from neighbouring islands such as Fiji and Samoa.

The show was spectacular, the costumes were flashy and the hip-shaking was undeniably sexy. The drumming is so amazing that I almost prefer watching that to the dancing – it’s a tough choice!


Amazing fire show


My favourite hot pink costume of the night


Sugar-free chocolate mousse made with ginger

I even got chosen by one of the dancers to get up and dance in front of everyone – serves me right for smiling broadly and enjoying the show up until that point!


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