Star(fruit) gazing

The first time I tried starfruit was in Brazil in 2012, but they are called carambola there.

A crunchy, fragrant and juicy fruit, starfruit grows on trees and are perfect to eat when they start to turn orange. They can oddly resemble the flavour of an apple, and since there aren’t any apples other than the frozen imported ones here, starfruits are the perfect replacement as I really miss the flavour of apples from time to time!

As luck would have it, one of our neighbours has an overly fruiting tree at the mo’ and I decided to pop over there and ask for some in order to do something creative!

I found this recipe online for starfruit chutney and substituted some spices and of course didn’t add a red capsicum since they are all flown in from New Zealand right now and run about $7 each. In true Raro spirit, I went over to share a jar with my neighbour who is going to sample it tonight! You could also use mangos for the recipe and it’s so delish with grilled chicken or fish. Or you could do as we do in mi casa – toast with feta and chutney for breakfast!


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